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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Breaking Down Stereotypes at the Teen Voices Poetry Slam

Mercedes Wallace - On Wednesday November 10, 2010 Gately took a few girls to a poetry slam in Boston. This event was hosted by Teen Voices. The theme was teenage girls and stereotypes; the event was about friendships, relationships, and the way the media portrays girls in a negative way. The poets wanted to bring these issues to our attention. I was really excited to hear that someone from Gately was going to perform, but, unfortunately, after arriving I found out she was not there.

During this event, I could relate to most of the poems and I thought a lot about life. After listening to this poetry, I found myself walking away with lessons learned. I questioned decisions I made in my life and thought about the music I listened to and the people I hang out with. Walking away from this, the performances impacted me a bunch.

One of the poets that I could relate to the best was a girl name Alice. Her poem was about how her dad wasn’t around, and it really affected her at first. For most teenagers my age they have trouble with their parents. My mom is a single parent and she is like a mother and father to me. I find this hard to deal with because I tend to get yelled out for every little thing I do. This makes me feel like I will always be wrong and rarely complimented for my accomplishments.  After Alice was done reciting her poem I felt like she recited every way that I felt with my parents. I felt refreshed, like I just went to a therapist and talked about everything that troubled me. I’m glad that I got the chance to attend this event, and would value the chance to go to another performance.

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