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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Field Trip: Swing Dancing at MIT

Mercedes Wallace - Recently, several girls and I went swing dancing at MIT. Originally, I didn’t want to try swing dancing because in the past I didn’t enjoy it, but Bo persuaded me to go. I expected there to be other kids there and partner dancing the whole time. When I got there, there were a lot of older people. Surprisingly there were no other youth centers there, which I hadn’t expected.

Since there weren’t any kids around my age, I found the experience very awkward. I felt this way because I was dancing with guys that were a lot older than me. I thought that the men felt awkward, too. I also felt that there was a lot of tension in the room. This opportunity was one that I appreciated and glad that I attended. Everybody was really nice and they are great dancers but I don’t think swing dancing is for me.

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