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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Neighborhood Service Project has just begun and we're off to a great start.  We had our first official meeting this week at the Moore Youth Center, where Cambridge teens our convening for the February break.  Part of our work this week has been to promote the monthly "Friday Night Live" open mic at the Moore Center as a way to support our fellow youth center, promote arts in Cambridge and make up some hours missed due to snow days last week.  We are going to be streaming the event live on our new UStream account tonight, the channel is called My City My Voice.

Check out the event listing below and come through with your talent, to watch or stream it live from home.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Program Calendar


Want to know what's going on at Gately this March? Here are some exciting programs you have to choose from:

Monday Nights

6:30-9:00  Studio Sessions w/MJ
 7:30-8:30  Girls' Group w/ Carly and Kenya

Tuesday Nights
6:30-8:30   Neighborhood Service Project  
w/ Bo, Shea and MJ
7:30-8:30   Men’s Group or Cooking  w/ Ron and Claudel

Wednesday Nights
6:30-8:30   Art Service Program w/Shea
6:30-9:00  Studio Sessions w/MJ 
7:30-8:30  Gym Activity

Thursday Nights

6:30-8:30   Neighborhood Service Project
w/ Bo, Shea and MJ
7:30-8:30   Soccer w/ Vlad
7:00-8:00  Field Trip Planning w/ Megan

Friday Nights

6:30-9:00  Field Trip (alternating weeks) 
w/ Megan and Vlad
7:30-8:30   Social Hour (alternating weeks) 
w/ Megan
6:30-9:00   Studio Sessions w/ MJ
 Structured Cardiovascular Activity
 w/Ron and Claudel

 A reminder for all teens: Every night, we have multiple other activities to choose from including our Game Room; featuring Ping Pong, Pool, Foosball and Air Hockey; Homework Help, our Computer Lab, our Weigh Room, Basketball and Open Gym. 

If you have any questions, stop by our youth center or give us a call at 617-349-6277. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Field Trips for Teens

Teens, want to go on a field trip? 
Here's What We Need from You:

1. If you want a trip, you plan it! Your ideas count!

2. Contact Megan here at the Gately on Thursdays or Fridays by phone or in person!
 She can help you plan it out!

3. Once planned, sign up for the trip in advance!  
If you want to go on a field trip, how do we know you are interested if you don't sign up?
 How many of you want to go?

Space is limited in our vans (Only 13 Seats!), pay HALF of your field trip fee to secure your spot.

5. Bring back a signed permission slip.
(For field trips more than 30 minutes outside of Cambridge)

If you have any questions, give us a call at 617-349-6277.

Soccer Thursdays

Soccer is here at Gately every Thursday night! All teens are welcome to join in for this fun-filled and energy packed activity! Bring a few friends to play or come hang out with our crew and play a few rounds.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Girls' Group

Come to Gately Girls' Group: every Monday night at 7:30!! We have dinner, chat about whatever topics y'all think are important, have special events and guest speakers, go on field trips, and lots of other fun stuff. 
Whatever you want Girls' Group to be, we can make it happen!

Cooking at the Gately!

Athena Conference

Breathe Cambridge and Girls' Group went to the Athena Conference at Harvard to share Gately's Breathe project, collect voices for the Breathe audio, and participate in activities and workshops with young women from all over Massachusetts.
 The conference started with a group icebreaker activity

 Matilda and other workshop participants write poems using the Breathe poem template.
 Shea records a young woman's poem to add to the Breathe 24-hour audio project.
  Kaychette and Brandi during lunch at the conference