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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Turbo Kick Tuesdays

Do you love having fun? I am going to tell you about this amazing kickboxing class called Turbo Kick. This class is hard and easy at the same time because while you are having fun, you do some moves that are challenging. If you are worried about the staff being tough on you, don’t be concerned because they are all very kind and funny. Most importantly, the staff members are very helpful to you. They encourage you to work at your own pace because they want you to be able to do the moves.
                 The staff members are really helpful because they tell you when you’re doing a good job or when you really did something nicely. When you do something wrong, they show you what you are doing wrong and show you how to do it correctly. I really like the fact that they make everything look easy, so you won’t be afraid to try it. They tell you what’s going on at all times so you won’t feel lost.
The staff members that work with you are Erin Scott, Karin Oen, and Dawn Bokuniewicz. All of them are very supportive and they really care about the class and your place in it. When I first joined they told me that it was not hard or easy. The staff members guide you through the steps so you can learn from your mistakes.
          Erin Scott is the one who most often leads us. She started teaching at Gately in June of 2010. One thing I really like about her is that she is always happy and always ready to work. I really like that because when she is happy she tries to make others happy. Two of the main reasons Erin started teaching Turbo Kick are because she really loves to help others and she loves kick boxing. 
          Karin Oen started kick boxing in April of 2010, just like Erin. She is a very nice person. She is also a diligent worker. Karin says you should do kick boxing because it is very fun and good for the body.
          Dawn Bokuniewicz started kick boxing in June of 2010. She is a very tranquil person, a hard worker just like Karin, and, most importantly, a kind person. Dawn says Erin lets you go at your own pace.

-Aneteneh G.

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