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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Youn Men's Sucess Series

Nick Oscar - On Saturday January 8, 2011 Gately took a small group of young men to attend Roxbury Boys & Girls club for their Young Men’s Success Series. We were able to personally develop, find employment, academically improve and network with professional men who will mentor and train us for the future. 

This was a great experience for the young men who joined Gately because this month’s speaker was Yvel Joesph. Yvel is a trainer/fitness instructor and he also runs a boot camp.  One thing Yvel spoke highly of weight training, which body parts to work out, and nutrition.

“Create the life you live, Love the life you create”, that was something Yvel said a couple times during his speech and I thought it made a lot of sense.
After the wonderful experience and opportunity to spend time with the speaker our group of young men chomped at the Hen House on Mass Ave. The food was so good Dean tried ordering another plate on the way out but Bo would not let him.  

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